Anne Duch | Yoga and Perinatal Care

Show Notes:

Prenatal yoga has grown in popularity, but do those poses support a woman’s changing body during pregnancy and postpartum? Listen in as today’s speaker talks about yoga and the perinatal body.

Throughout pregnancy and postpartum, as a woman’s body changes, so should the ways they practice yoga. In today’s podcast, board-certified women’s health specialist, Anne Duch explains how different yoga classes benefit different stages of perinatal care. Duch shares that yoga poses that focus on opening the pelvis can support a less painful delivery. Whereas, postpartum yoga instruction should focus on poses that help with contracting the pelvic floor.

Tune in for a deeper dive and learn ways you can help your clients with pelvic health concerns gain stability, strength, and control with the right yoga classes for their stage in motherhood.

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