Out-Of-The-Box Solutions for Common Postpartum Issues

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Summit Took Place: April 4-13, 2022

Learn “out-of-the-box” solutions to help your postpartum clients get the care they need and deserve.

All 20 interviews will introduce you to a new approach to treating the common postpartum issues that postpartum people face. You will learn first hand from the experts how they have successfully decreased the recovery time, reduced pain and discomfort in fewer sessions, and helped women return to a fully functioning body. 

What We Love About The Summit!

I have purchased every Birth Healing Summit and find myself circling back on my own timeline. My favorite teachers and mentors from a nearly 25 year career as a pelvic health PT have been featured!
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Physical Therapist
A refreshingly uplifting collection of talks that never disappoint or deplete!
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Thank you, thank you for the Summit! I will be taking these tips and applying them soon!
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2022 Speaker Lineup And Topics

Ann Croghan, PT

Don’t Mess With the Latch!

Anna Crowle

Anna Crowle, PT

Biotensegrity Model for Pelvic Support and Prolapse

Cecile Röst, PT

Symphysis Pubis and SIJ Dysfunction in Pregnancy and Postpartum

Diane Lee, PT

From Foot To Floor, The Pelvic Floor That Is!

Jenny Burrell, PT

A Whole Body Approach to Female Abdominal Scars

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, IBCLC

A New Paradigm for Depression in New Mothers

Kathleen Vigo, PT

How to Turn the “No Thanks” into “Yes Please!”

Landy Peek, OT

How Trauma impacts our Moms and Business

Lauren Ohayon, Trainer

Advanced Loading Concepts for Core Rehab

Lindsey Vestal, OT

Feeling Refreshed + Energized Turning Passion into a Profitable Side Hustle

Lisa Ryan, Trainer

Tummy Tucks

Lynn Schulte, PT

Pregnancy and Postpartum Impact on the Organs

Munira Hudani, PT

Tummy Tucks

Nari Clemons, PT

Tools to Decrease Burnout and for Self Care

Nathan Riley, OB/GYN

Informed Consent: What’s at Stake

Rachel Shapiro, CNM

The Uterosacral Ligament – Sex and Postpartum Wellness

Raylene Phillips, M.D.

Preventing and Minimizing Birth Trauma

Rebeca Segraves, PT

Why Wait? Therapy Immediately After Birth

Rixa Freeze, PhD

Making Breech Birth Safe Again

Sarah Duvall, PT

Improving the Responsiveness of the Pelvic Floor Through the Kinetic Chain

Sinéad Dufour, PhD

Pregnancy and Postpartum Pelvic Girdle Pain

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