Carolyn Vandyken | Is Pain Inevitable During Childbirth?

Show Notes:

Is pain inevitable during childbirth? If pain is an output of the brain, are there ways to educate our pregnant clients to minimize their pain perception during delivery?

Listen to today’s episode to hear Carolyn Vandyken, a Canadian physiotherapist, explain how using pain science is a better way to support our pregnant clients.

Pain is defined as an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience that protects us from potential harm. It feels as if the body is being damaged. Specific experiences create a more significant pain response in the body. Creating more safety and less danger can help minimize pain. There are three categories of people who will have increased pain experience. If we know our clients fall into these categories, then education on pain science can be beneficial during childbirth. We need to help our clients understand that hurting doesn’t equal harm, and prepping them before labor may help them get out of the pain, fear, and tension cycle.

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