Janelle Gullan | Creating Congruency

Show Notes:

Listen In today’s podcast, Lynn speaks with Certified Birth Healing Specialist, Occupational Therapist, and owner of The Wild Orange Tree, Janelle Gullan as we discuss congruence. Janelle shares how what she has learned at the Institute of Birth Healing has changed her practice including some cases where her advanced skills have made a huge difference with her clients. 

As you listen, you will find there is a recurring theme of congruence, the state of when things are in agreement or harmony. Congruence in one’s state of being occurs when the body and the mind are in harmony and work together. Lynn and Janelle explore how one’s state of being influences their doing. Creating cohesion between being and doing in a way that works for the body can significantly improve your client treatments. Congruence can look like listening to stop points, going slower than you would normally, and sitting in silence and bringing compassion to an experience. 

When you learn to be in congruence you will find that there is more ease in life and in what you do. Listen in to today’s episode to learn more about the impact congruence can have both personally and professionally.

For more information about how to create congruence personally or with your clients, check out the Birth Healing Intensive coming in February 2024.

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Janelle is an Occupational Therapist who supports women to connect to their body so they can navigate mothering transitions with confidence and vitality. With an integrated focus on pelvic health, mental health and menstrual cycles, she explores rites of passage and the ways feminine transitions impact performance, roles, relationships, participation and joy. 

Based on her own personal experiences, Janelle is passionate about supporting birth injury and exploring the stories that live in our body and pelvic spaces. Through her private practice, The Wild Orange Tree, she provides support in Melbourne, Wollongong and the Sunshine Coast (Australia) as well as through the online space.



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