Lynn Schulte | Trauma in the Body

Show Notes:

In today’s episode Lynn talks about how trauma can be held in the tissue as well as the nervous system, and shares her experience of what you can do to address trauma in the body. 

Polyvagal theory explains individual responses to events. Individuals can feel safe, threatened or have a freeze response. If our nervous system has this response, then it is logical to think that the body tissue will also have a similar response. In her practice, Lynn has found that tissues that do not move or are colder than other tissues in the surrounding area tend to be stuck in a trauma response.

Lynn has found that when a therapist is able to be open and recognize the signs of frozen or stuck trauma, then they have easier and more successful client sessions. The challenge Lynn puts forth to all manual therapists and bodyworkers listening to this podcast is to bring awareness to what you feel in the tissues. Get curious about what is happening under your hands with an open mind that is agenda free. See what you discover and let Lynn know!

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