Dee Hartmann, PT | How Pleasure can Heal Pain

Show Notes:

Did you know pleasure may be the answer to your client’s pelvic pain?  

Today’s guest, Dee Hartmann, shares the secret she discovered in her 40+ years of treating clients with chronic pelvic and abdominal pain. Listen in to learn how sensuality helps with sexuality and how pleasure is the gift we give to ourselves. For example, if you work with chronic pelvic or abdominal pain, helping your clients find pleasure can help with their pain. Dee also explains the clitoral anatomy and the research that orgasms can help fertility. Dee has five exercises you can do with your clients to reduce vulvar pain for more comfortable insertion. 

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Guest’s Gift and Website:

Download a Chapter of Dee’s Book, The Pleasure Prescription

Dee’s Book: The Pleasure Prescription

Watch: 5 Exercises to Reduce Vulvar Pain

Visit Dee’s Website: CLICK HERE

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