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4 Reasons IBH Courses Will Help You Succeed

At the Institute for Birth Healing, we strive to provide courses that teach you skills you can immediately use in the clinic, that are effective and that just make sense! With all the continuing education courses available to you I thought I’d share how IBH courses are different and what you get when you take any of my courses.

Practical, Effective Techniques For Any Body

When you take any of the IBH courses, you are guaranteed to learn practical and very effective techniques that can be applied to any person and any condition, not just pregnant and postpartum bodies. Anyone with a pelvis can benefit from all the pelvic mobilizations you learn in the Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body and Holistic Treatment of the Pregnant Body courses, especially those dealing with low back or pelvic pain. Anyone with a uterus and bladder can benefit from the visceral mobilizations you learn in those courses as well. I use all the techniques I teach in my clinic every day where I get amazing results with my clients, and my students do too!

5 Courses in 1

My Holistic Treatment courses teach you techniques that you would have to take 5 different courses to learn. I teach you pelvic mobilizations, visceral mobilizations, myofascial release, internal pelvic floor techniques and energetic techniques. So, if you are new to doing pelvic health, starting with IBH courses first can give you a solid foundation of what to do with your clients. You’re not just learning theory in IBH courses. You will walk away with a TON of practical assessment and treatment techniques that you can use in clinic the same day!

Online Courses With Lifetime Access

When you purchase a course from me, I believe you should have lifetime access to that material, so you do! I hope you don’t take that long to get through them, but your IBH courses will be there for you to go back to and review at any time. To better learn the techniques I teach, you’ll notice all of my labs are shot with a two-camera angle to give you the best view of how I am doing the techniques Plus, they are professionally edited. I also keep my lectures to a manageable timeframe with most of my lectures being under 45 minutes. Everything is done in small bite-size chunks for better learning online.

Live Courses That Guarantee Individual Attention

When you attend my Live (in-person) courses, you get the added benefit of practicing and getting hands-on instruction from me and my lab assistants. All live IBH courses require you to take the online courses and get through the material in the online course, so when we come together you can practice each and every technique. You have lifetime access to the online techniques to refer back to at any time as well.

In Live IBH courses you get to experience the techniques done on you and then practice them on your partner. We ensure you do all the techniques correctly and feel comfortable doing them. Our student-to-teacher ratio is the LOWEST of any course out there. Our classes are intimate, so you are sure to get lots of individual attention to make sure you are doing the techniques correctly.

Plus, in our Live IBH courses, you get the added benefit of discussions and interactions with all the other students. I ad little bits and pieces about the techniques that just can’t be captured in the online videos. As I continue to learn and explore with all of my clients, I share these new ideas and insights with you in the Live courses.

So now let me dispel some concerns I’ve heard about my courses...

IBH Courses And Evidence-Based Curriculum

The open birthing pelvic pattern is the only new idea shared in my courses that is not supported in the research yet, but it is completely evidenced informed. There is often talk about the research being 15-20 years behind clinical practice; well, I’m ahead of the research in discovering the bones of the pelvis do not always return to their original position after birth.

I have treated several thousands of clients in my practice, and most of them have some degree of an open birthing pattern that, when treated, allows my clients to feel and function better. My students are getting the same amazing results when they utilize the techniques to treat the open birthing pattern. I have the clinical evidence and am working to create the research to support this discovery. I just hope you don’t wait around for 20 years before jumping on board to work with this pattern and more effectively help your postpartum clients get out of pain and function better after birth.

When you study with me, you will find everything I share makes so much sense and is so incredibly effective! I only share what I know works with my clients and gets me great results. This is why practice owners who take my courses are having their employees take them, too!

IBH Courses And A Holistic Framework

Yes, I approach the body from a holistic framework and teach how to feel for energy flow in the body. However, the amount of this material is a small fraction of everything else you learn. If you don’t subscribe to these ideas and you can’t go there, that is fine. Know, there is a much larger portion of the coursework that is exclusively physical and mechanical in nature.
If you are opposed to the holistic coursework, please consider taking the Treating the Postpartum Pelvis course, as all the techniques taught are mechanical ones and they work!

Hopefully, this gives you a better sense of my courses and can help guide you in your decision-making. Check out IBH Courses to see what course is the best fit for you. Whether you are a newer student to pelvic health or a seasoned practitioner you will find my courses supportive to your practice in getting better, faster results in your clinic.

In interviewing one of my newest certified birth healing practitioners, she reported that she can get her clients better, faster with all she learned in my courses, and she’s having a lot more fun while doing it! I’d love to do the same for you.

About the Author: Lynn Schulte is a Pelvic Health Therapist and the founder of the Institute for Birth Healing, a pelvic health continuing education organization that specializes in prenatal and postpartum care. For more information, go to https://instituteforbirthhealing.com

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