Exercise to Close Pelvic Bones

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  1. Kayla1524 says:

    I have enjoyed the content so far. I will note that a few of the videos are in a different order from the printed manual.
    Are there any particular short cuts/phraes you use to document findings or the techniques for rebalancing the ischium/illium?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Thanks for letting us know about the manual. I use ischial splay R or L when documenting what I am finding. I also just write R PSIS hard, L PSIS hard, pubic bone/rami on L hard. Being cash based I don’t have to write reports for insurance companies but write what you are finding. If hard doesn’t work I say decreased mobility in R PSIS, or whatever bone is less mobile. Talk about positioning and lack of mobility. Good luck!

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