The Pelvic Lecture | 37:33

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  1. Stasa Puc Vesel says:

    At time 4.18 you said that you PI on a pubic bone. What you mean with PI?
    Maybe I do not know this shorter of words…
    Thank you

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Stasa, I said a PA on the pubic bone. That is a posterior to anterior mobilization on the pubic bone. I should have said AP since I start anteriorly and put pressures posteriorly. That is a physical therapy or manual therapy term.

  2. Stasa Puc Vesel says:

    I have a question about open birthing pattern issues. Is it possible to get closer of the bones with the right muscle activation? Or is possible just with mobilisation and techniques that we will learn?
    Thank you

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Stasa, I have found the exercises to close the bones are good to a point and then you can fine tune the approximation of the bones with your hands using the techniques. If someone is really splayed I will do the exercise first then work on the bones after. It saves some efforting on my part. Thanks for your question.

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