What is Needed for Birth 16:10

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  1. Joanne Gordon says:

    I was taught as a massage therapist that most low back pain in pregnancy is from letting the belly hang down which leads to sticking the bum out and puts a lot of strain on the low back. I have recommended to my midwifery clients to use muscles to lift the belly and tuck the pelvis in to help prevent further strain on the back. Have I been wrong this whole time???

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      There are many causes of LBP in pregnancy, rib thrusting can also cause it and letting the abdominal muscles go by not contracting them is another. We want to encourage our clients to have a neutral pelvis where ASIS’s and pubic bones are in the same frontal plane. So I’d encourage you to continue to have your clients lift their belly or contract their TA’s but not encourage the pelvic tilting unless they are excessively anteriorly rotated. This is where our skills of looking at what our clients are doing and evaluating their posture can be really helpful for them.

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