PF: External Landmarks and Contractions (Lab) | 6:32

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  1. Danielle Racioppi says:

    Super helpful to have a real model and see an actual contraction. this is something that is missing in so many online courses. thank you!

  2. Candice Kwok says:

    So when you are measuring GH + Pb on bear down and when you are assessing for prolapse in supine, you will ask the patient to blow a balloon instead of asking them to bear down. Is that correct?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Yes I use a balloon to pressurize the area to see what is really going on. I have just found my clients not being able to correctly bear down on their own. They can really feel the difference! Good

      1. Candice Kwok says:

        Thanks…sounds like a great alternative, but what if when they blow, they are able to draw up pelvic floor and push air out effectively to blow the balloon?…Then wouldn’t we see the opposite of bearing down? In this case, would we need to cue them to think of pressuring a bit downwards as they blow?

        1. Lynn Schulte says:

          If they effectively blow up the balloon without any bearing down on the organs that is the goal. I never ask someone to pressure down a bit, I want to see what they instinctually do and if there is no pressuring down on the organs then all is good and I don’t instruct them to do anything differently. I’m not sure I’m following your question though.

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