PF: Insertion and Evaluation (Lab) | 14:44

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  1. Rebecca Marcus says:

    I always use a new pair of gloves for the internal after I assess adductors/external pelvic floor, as I want gloves to be more sterile. How would you recommend the continuous contact if I change gloves in the middle?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      You can’t do continuous contact if you are changing gloves. Do the external exam. Change gloves then do the protocol for entering to do the internal work by starting up high by the knee and sliding down to the introitus. Think of it in two separate steps. Good luck.

  2. Katie Hedlund says:

    This was so helpful to see! I am grateful for all of the small but important details you provide!

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Thanks, Katie for your commment. I’m glad you found it helpful. Good luck.

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