Lab 21: Anal Sphincter Muscle Release 9:26

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  1. Andrea Glauser says:

    At minute 8’07 you say that your thumb is internally…. Does it kind of glide in when you work on the sphincter or is it like an intentional push to get inside?
    At what point do you inform the women that your thumb will be inside?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Great question. The intent is to work externally on the muscle. If the EAS is held open from restrictions your thumb may drop inside. My goal is not to be inside so I don’t intentionally push to get inside. If I do end up inside I will inform my client that their muscle was opened and that I am inside. If a reflexive closing happens with the release work I will comment on the muscle working better now so definitely say something if you feel that reflex happening.

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