PF: External Pelvic Floor Muscle Release (Lab) | 9:59

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    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      Enough pressure to approximate the bones to slacken the muscular tissue.

  1. Tracey Cumberland says:

    Is this technique better through clothing or with underwear? I’ve had clients come in in jeans and forgotten their shorts that I’ve asked them to bring. Could I use this technique with just underwear or should I keep a stock of stretchy shorts for these occasions?

  2. elizabeth compton says:

    How do you decide which position to treat in? Do you just start with one and then try others to see if fully released? Do you typically start with one position and progress to others?

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      I always start my sessions in supine and assess and treat in this position first. If I find the sacrum not releasing well then I will go prone if possible and treat there. I find supine gives me more information with the weight of the pelvis in my hands I can feel it more.

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