PF: Pelvic Bowl Sweeping | 5:20

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  1. Lisa Beitman says:

    I appreciate the review of these techniques. I often wonder if there are any more external techniques available tor vv, meaning if the internal pelvic floor assessment unremarkable but the vulvar tissue is very sensitive, what are some techniques to help the vestibule tissue sensitivity other than releasing internal muscles. I always feel I am missing treatment in this area.

    1. Lynn Schulte says:

      If vulvar tissues are sensitive I assess and treat the Uterosacral ligament, externally first (I teach this in the Pregnancy course) then internally (taught in the Postpartum course) if pain allows me to get in there. If there is a restriction of one or both of these ligaments then that irritates the vulvar tissues. Dee Hartmann also has a video on YouTube on 5 exercises to do to decrease pain with internal work. You can watch it here: These things should help! Good luck and thanks for asking.

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