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Show Notes:

If you struggle with no-shows or cancellations, listen in for the three things you can do to optimize clinical buy-in so your patients show up for their session.

In this episode, Dr. Nicole Cozean, physical therapist and business entrepreneur, helps you determine if you have a marketing problem or a client buy-in problem when no-shows or cancellations occur.  She shares the three essential steps you should take with every client to help them be committed to their rehab journey:

  1. Use patient-centered language.
  2. Outline what it looks like to work with you.
  3. Let them know you can help them.

Doing these three steps will help them understand why it’s essential to come back for another session. 

Dr. Cozean has a downloadable self-assessment to determine how your clinic performs for clinical buy-in and how to perform at your highest for your patients.

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Downloadable Self-Assessment for your clinic performance

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