The Power of the Birth Healing Summits

The Power of Birth Healing Summits

I’ve hosted the Birth Healing Summit seven times now and I’m constantly amazed at how much each summit’s set of interviews change the way I do things in my practice.   Not only have I learned new techniques to apply to my clients, but my understanding of core activation has improved and my knowledge of topics surrounding postpartum healing has expanded as well.  I’d like to share with you how these summits have helped me better support my clients in my practice.

Of all the summits I’ve hosted 2021 provided me with the best understanding of some new techniques I can add to my practice.  I finally figured out how to help close up the open birthing pattern via exercises.  I have been looking for this answer ever since I discovered that the pelvis doesn’t always close back up after birth like we think it should.  I’ve also learned of some positions I can instruct my pregnant clients to do to help keep their body’s more balanced prior to birth.  If you’re interested in either of these topics, check out Ramona Horton and Carol Phillips interviews this year. 

I don’t consider myself a core expert by any means but boy has my understanding of how to help the core after birth broadened exponentially.   What I’ve added into my practice from these summits has transformed the way I now work with the core.  I love the tidbits of information I’ve learned along the way, from Antony Lo’s (Summit 2019) “do something different” to Julia DiPaolo’s  (Summit 2020) talk on automaticity of the core to Brianna Battle’s (Summit 2021) talk about athletic leaps and lags in rehab. All of this has helped shape what I do with my clients today and my clients are so much better for it.  What I’m doing today feels so much more comprehensive than what I was offering even last year.  It’s been priceless. 

There have been so many practical pieces to the puzzle that I’ve learned along the way too.  The knowledge I’ve learned about breastfeeding, tongue ties, and even sex and relationships has broadened my understanding in areas I never explored before. Ellen Heed and I talk about how moms need 45 minutes to get their bodies on board for sex in the 2021 summit.  That’s a lot of time that most postpartum moms don’t have or allow themselves.  Sharing these kinds of tidbits with my clients helps them navigate this new space and gives them permission to understand their bodies better.  And for practitioners running their own businesses, there is always talk about how to do that better too.  Lisa Fraley and I discussed the important topic of protecting your online intellectual property this year.

Part of the reason I’ve been able to transform my practice is I don’t just listen to the interviews once.  I host them, edit them and then read and edit the transcripts.  By the time the summit is over I’ve experienced the information three times, so I’ve really embodied the information. Those who have taken any of my courses understand the importance of, and my love for, repetition.  This is why I encourage you to consider upgrading to the All-Access Pass.  When you purchase the All-Access Pass you get to watch the video interview, download the audio file and listen while you walk or work out and also read the transcripts and highlight things or take notes on points you found important.  The All-Access Pass allows you to digest the information in whatever learning fashion works best for you however many times it takes.

Moms need help and support after birth.  These summits are designed to help share valuable information for practitioners to support moms better.  And while the interviews are geared towards practitioners, I know moms are watching them too and learning just as much. 

If you haven’t been a part of our Birth Healing Summits before I invite you to check them out at 

2021 is our best one yet! 

I look forward to having you be a part of the fun.

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