How Meghan Markle’s third pregnancy could be a lot different from her first.

How Meghan Markle’s third pregnancy could be a lot different from her first.


In staying on top of the pregnancy and postpartum news I have my computer set for Google alerts.  Daily I’m astounded with the amount of news surrounding celebrity pregnancy and postpartum recovery.  Photos of bumps and postpartum bodies must captivate the general population because there is plenty of it on a daily basis. 

One of the latest announcements is the third pregnancy of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the former Royals who are now living in California.   Meghan has been open about her birth experience with son Archie and her miscarriage last year.   Her pregnancy journey reminds me of many women that I have treated in my clinic. 

Often times after a miscarriage, there is a tendency in women who become pregnant again to unconsciously try to help the baby to be okay.  This is more common after multiple miscarriages, but any miscarriage can create a fear in the mom of will this baby be okay, will this baby survive?  This fear creates a holding energy within their body trying to protect their baby.  While this is a natural response it can become a problem when it comes time to deliver the baby and babies may stay in the womb a little bit longer than expected.  Becoming aware of this holding energy and releasing it prior to labor makes for a smoother, timelier exit for the baby with much less resistance. 

Another potential issue I have found that many women experience in subsequent pregnancies  is pelvic pain when she may not have had any pains in her first pregnancy.  If a mom gave birth vaginally with the first pregnancy, her pelvis had to open up to allow the baby to come on out.  A lot of times for moms the pelvis doesn’t always go back to its normal positioning after birth.  This leaves the pelvis stuck in an open birthing position and it is a much more unstable position for the pelvis. She may not have had any pelvic pains in her body after the first birth, but becoming pregnant again with the hormonal shifts in her body and this open birthing pattern can create pelvic pain during this subsequent pregnancy.  Since the pelvis is the transition point from the forces in our legs up into our trunk an unstable, open birthing pelvis won’t be able to transfer the forces as easily thus creating more pelvic pain as she moves around.   Seeing a Birth Healing Practitioner can help mom’s get out of pelvic pain as they have been trained to help close the pelvis from this open birthing pattern.  Usually, it only takes one session to get moms out of pain and enjoy their pregnancy again. 


The thing I want all moms to remember when experiencing issues like these is that there is help.  You don’t have to live with holding energy or pelvic pain in pregnancy.  A session with a Birth Healing Practitioner can help.


Here’s to smoother births and faster recoveries for Meghan and all pregnant folks!

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