Jerry Hesch | Spring Test the Bones

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Do you spring test the bones and joints of the body? Find out how spring testing can lead to immediate strength improvements in the body.

Join us for today’s episode where physical therapist, Jerry Hesch discusses his unique approach to treating the body. 

The Hesch philosophy was discovered from the founder’s personal experience in working with and treating his own body. This approach, taught through the Hesch Institute, is applied based on the uniqueness of the person being treated. Jerry’s approach is to find the angle of the bone where when pressure is applied to it, the bone will begin to release the tension. Using this position with direction and a fulcrum, such as a ball, and sustained pressure will create a release in the client’s body. Clients can maintain the results with a 2 minute a week exercise sustained hold. The release holds week after week because the micromotion at the joint is restored. 

This motion is important when applied to the sacroiliac joint and the pelvis. The weakness noted specifically at the pelvic floor in postpartum clients is likely caused by neurologic inhibition because of the lack of micromotion. When this micromotion is restored the neurologic inhibition is removed and immediately strength is restored. This micromotion is in all bones. So increasing the micromotion at the ischial tuberosity will improve motion in the sacrum and ilium. Therapists and patients are reminded that restoring this motion is not magic, it is science. 

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