Suzanne Scurlock | Creating Therapeutic Alliance

Show Notes:

Are you exhausted at the end of your work day, no matter how many clients you have seen? Then this is the podcast for you. Suzanne Scurlock shares how to stay in the flow of your day, making each client session effortless.

In today’s episode, Suzanne shares the full body presence experience by asking one question: Are you embodying all aspects of your body?

This means being grounded, aware of where you are in time and space, tapping into your inner reservoir, and holding healthy boundaries with others.

Not embodying all aspects of your body during a client session could mean you’re invading your client’s boundaries. And if so, how is this impacting your success?

Listen in to hear how you can learn to embrace the full body presence to find greater ease and grace when supporting others in their process. Enjoy Suzanne’s guided visualization to reenergize and fill yourself up. 

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Guest’s Gift and Website

Gift: Downloadable audio versions of Suzanne’s books “Full Body Presence” and “Reclaiming Your Body”: CLICK HERE

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