Laura Rowan | Talking Constipation

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In today’s episode, Lynn talks with OT Laura Rowan about constipation – what is it and how practitioners should be asking clients about their bowel health. 

Constipation is a term defined by frequency, observation and effort. Based on the statistics, 1 in 5 of your clients are likely suffering and need strategies to help manage these symptoms. As a clinician you should be asking questions about bowel health and treating it along with other client complaints. 

Learn what to ask and how to ask about this important topic in today’s podcast. 

Laura is joining us for our 10th edition of the Birth Healing Summit which will be focusing on all things pregnancy! For more tips on how to better support your pregnant clients, join us for the 2024 Birth Healing Summit.

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Laura Rowan is a proud Pelvic Health Occupational Therapist dedicated to elevating the Occupational Therapy profession, and the emerging Pelvic Health area of practice, to better meet the growing demands of this underserved population. As founder and owner of Essential Pelvic Health, LLC, she is passionate about taking an innovative and collaborative approach to pelvic health serving all gender diversities. 

 In addition to clinical work, Laura is dedicated to elevating the well being of our clients and communities through education, mentorship and advocacy. EPH offers continuing education courses, such as Pelvic Rehab- Manual Assessment and Treatment Techniques (PR-MATT), and Colorectal- Manual Assessment and Treatment Techniques (CR-MATT), as well as other workshops and free resources on the website. She hosts a mentorship group called EPH Mentor Creative which help to serve students and clinicians and support the growing demands of this emerging profession. Laura has founded and co-facilitates the Occupation-based Pelvic Health Community of Practice for The American Association of Occupational Therapy (AOTA) and continues her efforts to support the vital role of Occupational Therapy Practitioners in Pelvic Health at the state level with the New York Association of Occupational Therapy (NYSOTA).

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