Tracey Vogel | Trauma Communication Strategies

Show Notes:

Do you ever struggle with what to say to your clients, especially the ones with a history of trauma?

Focusing on your client’s strengths and respecting who they are and where they are coming from is a proven approach that can lead to better birth and postnatal outcomes.

In today’s podcast, I have an enlightening conversation with OB anesthesiologist, Dr. Tracey Vogel. Dr. Vogel offers strategies to help you listen to your clients and then respond using more relatable, positive language. She explains how trauma shows up in these conversations, but it’s the way we as practitioners address it that can help our patients lower their defenses and embrace their perinatal bodies.

She provides the acronym L.I.V.E.S. (listen without judgment, inquire, validate, ensure safety, support follow up) as a way to remember the steps you can take to help your clients feel safe and supported during their births.

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