2 Types of Squats for Birth

When I was pregnant for the first time 16 years ago I knew squatting was a good idea to help with the birth.  Yet I didn’t know much about how to best squat for birth.  Years later having worked with pregnant and postpartum women, I’ve learned a lot I wish I knew back then.  But my births went well so what I did must have helped.  Let me share with you what you really want to do to help open up your pelvis for birth.

Pelvic Motions for Birth

For your pelvis to birth your baby the top of the sacrum first needs to move backward during the first part of labor and then forwards again during the later part of labor.

Backward Motion of Sacrum


Forward Motion of Sacrum



Two different types of squats helping your pelvis move backward and forward.

Squatting with a buttock tuck:

To help open up the top part of the first part of labor squatting with your butt tucked under will help make this happen.

Yet so many women sit too much in this posture with pressure on the sacrum so you don’t have to work too hard on this squat other than to strengthen your legs.






Squatting with a buttock pushed back:

What you really need to work on is the second type of squat because your sacrum needs more help opening up to get your baby out.  This squat is where you stick your butt out as you bend down like this:

Keep working on this last squat for the majority of your pregnancy as your sacrum needs more help opening up like this!




When you start laboring you would benefit from you doing the first squat to help allow your baby into your pelvis. Lifting up on your belly while you do so can help too.  Once you hit the second stage of labor then you want to focus on the second squat as that will help your baby to come on out!

So there you have two different types of squats and when they are most effective during pregnancy and birth!   Squat away!!!