Gabrielle Brennan | 4 Contractions of Labor

Show Notes:

In today’s podcast Lynn talks with Gabrielle Brennan, a midwife and body worker, about the 4 types of contractions she has found that prepare baby and mom for birth.

The 4 different contractions include:

  • Feeling Contractions
  • Positional Contractions
  • Rotational Contractions
  • Dilation Contractions

Knowing the different types of contractions and what they indicate in relation to the birth process can be very helpful to a laboring mother. For example, a mother knowing that her contractions are working to position the baby and allow for the best possible birth can eliminate fear that something is wrong, reduce unnecessary intervention, and encourage baby and body to carry out their own process.

Listen to the full podcast to learn more about the 4 types of contractions and what you can do with this information to help your pregnant clients. Also, if you are interested in learning more tips that will better help you support your pregnant clients, stay tuned for our 10th edition of the Birth Healing Summit kicking off in April 2024!

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Gabrielle Brennan is a nurse/midwife and personal trainer who provides bodywork and techniques to encourage optimal fetal positioning for labor. She is dedicated to getting pregnant people out of pain and attuned with their body to create an optimal birth. For more information, check out her website at:

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