Michelle Lyons | Treating After Cancer

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Do you have clients who are dealing with incontinence post cancer treatment? Are your clients no longer experiencing pain-free or pleasurable intercourse?  

In today’s podcast Lynn, talks with Michelle Lyons, a physiotherapist in Ireland, about pelvic floor therapy post cancer. This conversation helps practitioners know what to ask about, what words to use in conversations, and where to begin treatment when working with clients who have survived cancer.

Every cancer affects the pelvic and sexual health of the person with cancer. Surgery, chemo and radiation have a global effect on the body and the biopsychosocial health of the cancer patient. As a pelvic health therapist, there are pieces you can do to support your clients post cancer to help them restore their sexual and pelvic health.

Listen in to this important conversation as Michelle shares tips and techniques you can use in your practice as well as education about the language we choose when working with clients post cancer.

Michelle Lyons will be back for the 2024 Birth Healing Summit talking more in depth with Lynn and Sara Newman about cancer and pregnancy. You will not want to miss this interview or the many other impactful conversations on pregnancy and labor in this year’s Summit. Registration opens March 25, 2024. If you didn’t receive this podcast via an email from IBH, join the Institute for Birth Healing Newsletter to stay in the loop about the Birth Healing Summit.

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Michelle Lyons graduated from University College Dublin’s Physiotherapy programme in 1994; since then she has completed postgraduate training in Health Coaching & Nutrition (University of Galway) and Innovation & Enterprise (Trinity College Dublin) as well as a certificate in Integrative Herbal Medicine from the University of Arizona and teacher trainings in Pilates, Yoga and Mindfulness as a therapeutic intervention. She has lived and worked in both Ireland and the US and as well as membership in the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, she is also licensed as a Physical Therapist by the state of Connecticut. She has been faculty for many continuing education institutions, including the Pelvic Obstetric & Gynaecological Physiotherapy Association, Medbridge Education and Herman & Wallace, The Pelvic Rehab Institute. For more information, check out Michelle’s website.

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