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Show Notes: Birth Healing in Action | Incontinence and Back Pain

Ever wondered how to implement what you have learned in a class with your client? Listen to how one student is using what she learned from the Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body course in today’s conversation.

In today’s podcast, Physical Therapist, IBH Certified Birth Healing Specialist and the owner of The Healing Spot, Justine Calderwood, MSPT walks us through her treatment of a postpartum client suffering from incontinence and back pain. 

History of the Client:

The client is a 29 year old female who presents 3-4 months postpartum with complaints of back pain and urinary stress incontinence. She has bad allergies and any time she coughs or sneezes she is leaking urine. 

Assessment and Treatment:

The client was assessed and found to be in the Open Birthing Pattern. During the standing prolapse assessment, Justine also found the bladder had prolapsed and the client lacked a pelvic floor contraction.

Myofascial release and closing of the open birthing pattern techniques were performed. In addition, the client was taught how to perform a kegel properly. In the past she had been bearing down. The client was given a home program that worked into her daily life.

Client Outcome:

At the most recent follow up session the client was reporting she was so much better. Her bladder had maintained its lifted position and she was able to activate her pelvic floor in supine and standing. The back pain was no longer an issue. 

Advice for Other Students:

Justine points out that the skills learned at the Institute for Birth Healing classes were integral to improving her client’s position. When the number one rule at the Institute is followed (Respect the Tissue) the body tells the practitioner its story and how to treat it. It is important to not have a plan when the patient walks in and listen to what the body needs and go from there. 

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