Lynn Schulte | Bringing the Magic

Show Notes:

Are you tired of working so hard for too little gain personally and/or professionally?

Join us for today’s podcast as Lynn Schulte shares her personal story of founding the Birth Healing Summit and how she found the magic of physical therapy. This episode is filled with little pieces of advice for the clinician as well as the practice owner that Lynn hopes will help you discover your own magic. As with anything, take what resonates and leave the rest.

First piece of advice – life is about growing personally, professionally and spiritually. Second – listen to spirit, your intuition, your guides, however you identify it at a whisper instead of a yell. There is no need to go through a major event before you decide to take action. When you listen to the whisper, even if it is scary,  there is a reason you are being led in a certain direction. Timing is everything. Third – if something is really hard and you feel like you are running into brick wall after brick wall take a step back, find the flow of creativity and energy then begin along the path that being in this flow takes you. You will find life tends to go smoother when you are in this flow – AND this is where the magic happens! In all, the growth journey is hard at times, yet very rewarding. Finding your niche and passion will lead you to places you might never have dreamed of!  

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