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As with every season, Lynn loved all of her interviews as it is always such a thrill to talk about what other practitioners are up to and what they are learning. There is so much insight and wisdom shared in this collaboration. Lynn highlights her top 10 in no particular order in today’s podcast.

Gabrielle Brennan talks about the fascial tensions and how they present in the body to help practitioners know where to treat. Taryn Hallam talks about anal sphincter injuries and how we can prepare clients for subsequent labors. Amanda Ogden talks about the importance of colostrum and how it can help develop the baby’s intestinal tract. She talks about how it can be harvested during pregnancy. Sandi Gallagher gives us an overview of the use of TENS during labor and its effectiveness for clients trying to avoid an epidural. Laura Rowan teaches us about release of the rectum and constipation. Gina Mundy gives you a lawyer’s perspective of what is going on when labor goes wrong and some of the ways to prepare your clients for successful deliveries. Ken McGee is speaking on how we can best support transgender clients in their birth journey. John Wilks informs us on the effects of pregnancy from a craniosacral perspective. Yeni Abraham educates practitioners on infertility and pain. Uchenna Ossai, who goes by UC, discusses her approach to sex education. 

All of the speakers will leave you with tools that you can begin applying in your clinical practice the next day. For more information and to register, go to the 2024 Birth Healing Summit.

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