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Pelvic Bones Influence Muscles

Is your client’s pelvic pain worse after releasing their pelvic floor?

In today’s episode, Lynn talks about the important impact the pelvic bones can have on the pelvic floor muscles. When treating internally, the pelvic floor muscles inform you of what is going on in the pelvis. For example when the tailbone is lifted backwards or in sacral flexion you will find there is bilateral tension in the coccygeus muscles. Treat the sacrum first then check the muscles again. You will, likely, find there is less tension and you will have less work to do to get the muscles to relax. 

The pelvic floor muscles are normally trying to keep the bones together. If the pain gets worse when you release the pelvic floor muscles then start with the pelvic bones. Another example is if you have tension in the superficial transverse perineal check to see if the ischial tuberosity is splayed. By correcting the splay you can decrease the tension in the muscle. Any time you use the bones to help the muscles release, you may find you have greater success. If you are interested in finding out more about treating the bones of the pelvis join the waitlist for Lynn’s new course launching October 2, 2023: Treating the Postpartum Pelvis

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    Thank you so much for this Podcast. I feel like it lit a spark both personally and professionally, and I can’t wait to explore this topic further!!

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