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Do you realize the importance of the Pelvis beyond its structure? Do you know it’s the engine of our body?

In today’s episode Lynn talks with Suzanne Scurlock, a Craniosacral Therapist and the founder of Healing from the Core, about the pelvis as the engine of the body. 

In Chinese medicine and several eastern philosophies, the pelvis is the root of energy for the body. When clients come in with complaints of unrelenting fatigue it is not uncommon for them to have an energetic block and physical ailment in the pelvis. This is the area that transfers energy up to the other energy centers in the body. There are multiple reasons for blockages in this area, including birth, falls, and injuries. If these are not addressed, the body cannot function on all cylinders, and individuals can push through, but they are not thriving. 

As a practitioner, you may have clients who come in with a story about the issue they are experiencing with their pelvis, but it may not be the root cause of what is going on. Lynn and Suzanne will discuss ways to dig into the story and how finding the root cause can restore the body to full function.

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Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D, is one of the world’s leading authorities on conscious awareness and its transformational impact on the healing process.

For more than 30 years she has empowered people with practical tools that enable them to experience joy in each moment without burning out. These skills help improve every aspect of their lives, from their health and well-being to their relationships, their careers, their creativity, even the growth of their businesses.

After decades of perfecting her methods of awakening the body’s innate wisdom, Suzanne created the comprehensive Healing From the Core® training curriculum in 1994. Today it includes a robust selection of international workshops, webinars, speaking engagements and audio programs.

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