Lynn Schulte | Tips for Tissue Tension

Show Notes:

Have you tried to mobilize a joint or worked with soft tissue restrictions and the tension just won’t change? Or the client comes back with increased pain?

Listen in to today’s episode as Lynn describes her approach to tension in the body that does not want to release. 

It is time to take a different approach to body tension. Instead of forcing releases that don’t last or create pain try the tips mentioned in today’s episode. These tips center around curiosity as to what the tension is telling the client and the use of personal intuition. Teaching clients awareness of their body’s messages and dialoguing about what they sense just might be what the tissue needs. Learning to follow the guidance of the body is the key to lasting release for your client. 

For more information about how to help your clients discover the reason for their tension, check out the Birth Healing Intensive coming in February 2024.

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