Lynn Schulte | 3 Energy Centers

Show Notes:

Welcome to season two of the Birth Healing Summit Podcast. In today’s episode, Lynn discusses the 3 energy centers of the body and how connecting these centers can change how you make decisions and how you show up in your life. 

The 3 heart centers are the head (what you think), the heart (what you feel), and the womb (your spiritual connection). In Chinese medicine, the head is the source of the most subtle energy, the womb has the most substantial energy, and the heart is moderate. It is not uncommon to find a heart energetically pulled forward in the chest.  This can represent a false sense of  “I am okay world.”  When using a 3-energy center balancing technique, the results are life-changing. 

If you are interested in learning how to balance the 3 energy centers of the body check out the Birth Healing Intensive (a 9-month program that is both career and life-changing). 

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