Lynn Schulte | Reflections and Looking forward

Show Notes:

In today’s episode Lynn shares her reflections from 2023 and endeavors for 2024. 

Lynn talks about the ups and downs from the year including changes in staff, a successful 9th Birth Healing Summit, gratitude for how the Summit has taught her information before it even hits the research, and the launch of two great courses through the Institute for Birth Healing: Advanced Postpartum Techniques (perfect for those who have completed the Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Pelvis course) and Treating the Postpartum Pelvis (a must for any practitioner who treats clients with low back pain or SIJ dysfunction).

Lynn also shares about what is to come in 2024, including the much anticipated Birth Healing Intensive (a 9-month program that is both career and life-changing), a new and improved Birth Healing Certification program, and the 10th Birth Healing Summit that will focus on pregnancy and labor. A quick note, the Summit will no longer be free in 2024 as a nominal charge will apply for this career changing information.

Lynn will also be attending APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in February and has set a goal to present her own research and data in 2025 about how the treatment techniques she uses change the pelvic bones. She is currently working hard to collect the data for presentation at the 2025 conference.

A message from Lynn: I hope you all are able to take the time you need to reflect and create goals for 2024! Cheers to a fantastic year ahead!

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