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Diastasis Recti, What’s Really Important?

I am so thrilled to see the explosion of information on Diastasis Recti (DR) on the internet. When I started working with postpartum women 11 years ago, there was a minuscule amount of material on the subject. While this swing in available information is great, I think it’s also making some people paranoid to move and not sure what to do!    So, what is really important when it comes to DR?   In this post, we’re going to take [...]

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2 Types of Squats for Birth

2 Types of Squats for Birth When I was pregnant for the first time 16 years ago I knew squatting was a good idea to help with the birth.  Yet I didn't know much about how to best squat for birth.  Years later having worked with pregnant and postpartum women, I've learned a lot I wish I knew back then.  But my births went well so what I did must have helped.  Let me share with you what you [...]

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Love is in the Air, Is it for you?

Can You Say "I Love Myself?"  Unfortunately not many people can.  Most women are really good at pouring the love out to others, partners, children, family and friends that when it comes to actually loving themselves, it's a hard thing to do. I think all of us are on a journey to learn to love ourselves more.  Here are three things that I feel have had the greatest impact in my ability to have greater love for myself.   [...]

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Pain with Sex

Sex Doesn't have to be Painful! When you think of having sex, what’s your initial reaction?  Is it one of fun, pleasure, and enjoyment?  For many women it’s not.  In fact it’s down right painful.  Their response is one of fear, pain and simple avoidance.  It’s sad that some women are not interested in ever having sex again.    It doesn’t need to be this way. I”ve seen so many women in my practice who have gone to multiple [...]

Valuing Your Body and Instincts During Birth

  Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for you and your body.  So many changes occur to your body as it swells to unrecognizable shape and proportion.  Then comes the uncertainty of birth.  How is this baby supposed to get out?  Really?  You can read all the books, watch all the videos and attend all the childbirth classes you want to prepare yourself for the anticipated day of your babies arrival.  Yet nothing can really prepare you for what [...]

Is Your Due Date Coming and Your Baby Not Dropping?

Is your baby due soon and he/she’s not engaging into your pelvis?  Feeling your baby should be dropping down into your pelvis a little more than he/she is? There is one major thing you need to check to see if it is what is stopping your baby from coming on down.   CHECK OUT YOUR PELVIC FLOOR MUSCLES!   I encourage every woman, about to give birth, to assess her pelvic floor muscle tone.  (Actually every woman should check their [...]

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