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Labor Positions on the Pelvic Floor for Practitioners

Labor Positions on the Pelvic Floor for Practitioners When pregnant clients are wanting advice on laboring positions during childbirth I always like to share with them that the best thing they can do is listen to their body to figure out what position feels best for them - that takes top priority in any birth.  I like to educate my clients on what I feel might be best for them based on what I find going on in [...]

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The Schulte Intravaginal Protocol for Better Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength

The Schulte Intravaginal Protocol for Better Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength   The Discovery…   I had been doing intravaginal work as I was taught for over 10 years when I discovered something quite remarkable.   I was working on a postpartum client and had evaluated her pelvic floor muscles for strength and tone when a thought popped into my head- turn your finger toward the bladder.  I got curious and evaluated it and realized it wasn’t sitting evenly [...]

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Birth Healing Summit Press Release

Birth Healing Summit for Practitioners planned for April 12 – 22, 2021   Online summit for birth healing practitioners to help moms heal more completely after birth.   April 5, 2021 – The Institute for Birth Healing is hosting its seventh Birth Healing Summit, an online conference with 24 of the most world renowned experts in the postpartum and birth healing field. Lynn Schulte, the founder of the Institute for Birth Healing, is presenting this powerful 10-day (April 12-22) [...]

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The Power of the Birth Healing Summits

The Power of Birth Healing Summits I’ve hosted the Birth Healing Summit seven times now and I’m constantly amazed at how much each summit’s set of interviews change the way I do things in my practice.   Not only have I learned new techniques to apply to my clients, but my understanding of core activation has improved and my knowledge of topics surrounding postpartum healing has expanded as well.  I’d like to share with you how these summits have [...]

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How Meghan Markle’s third pregnancy could be a lot different from her first.

How Meghan Markle's third pregnancy could be a lot different from her first.   In staying on top of the pregnancy and postpartum news I have my computer set for Google alerts.  Daily I’m astounded with the amount of news surrounding celebrity pregnancy and postpartum recovery.  Photos of bumps and postpartum bodies must captivate the general population because there is plenty of it on a daily basis.  One of the latest announcements is the third pregnancy of Prince Harry [...]

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Christmas 2020

While Santa says Ho, Ho, Ho To 2020 we say Heck No, No, No! What a year of massive upheaval and change All our lives have been completely rearranged! Austin’s back home and to China, he said goodbye He’s not going back and will become a CU alumni. Working part-time at Matador in Boulder and studying too He’s loving the Boulder lifestyle and all the climbing there is to do. Covid lockdown turned my boys into remodeling pros They [...]

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