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All the Effects of Birth on the Pelvis

All the Effects of Birth on the Pelvis The pelvis is the doorway the baby comes through to be born.  We all know it happens, but have you ever thought about what actually happens to the pelvic bones after birth?  We just assume they go back to their normal position. But, I’ve found that sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.  Let me share with you all the things I find in my client’s pelvic bones after a vaginal [...]

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Labor Positions Effects of Pelvic Floor Muscles

Labor Positions Effects of Pelvic Floor Muscles When you are in labor the best thing you can do is listen to your body to figure out what position feels best for you.  That takes top priority in any birth.  The labor support people may offer suggestions but whether or not you do them should be up to you and how your body feels.   Remember birth is a dance between baby and your body.  You should move in a way [...]

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3 Misconceptions Doctors Make Keeping You From Pain-Free Intercourse

3 MISCONCEPTIONS DOCTORS MAKE KEEPING YOU FROM PAIN-FREE INTERCOURSE   I’m really frustrated.  There are too many women not enjoying sex because it hurts.  For many women sex is uncomfortable.  And for some, it’s an unbearable experience.   It breaks my heart to know that there are women out there not able to enjoy themselves when there is a really simple solution to their problem.   I see and hear about this all the time from clients in my practice [...]

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The Rib Cage After Birth

The Rib Cage After Birth   We all know the effects that pregnancy has on the body; from overstretched abdominal and pelvic floor muscles to postural changes.  While these are more common issues that have a straight forward treatment plan, the rib cage after birth can be a bit more challenging.    Depending on the space in your client’s trunk the growing baby eventually gets big enough to either jam it’s feet and legs into the ribcage or sometimes [...]

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3 Myths About Your Post Baby Belly

3 Myths About Your Post Baby Belly     My Belly will never look the same again Yes, after having a baby your belly looks nothing like it’s original shape or texture, but it is possible to get it back.  In fact, some women have even better bellies after having babies.  It is possible when you know what to do and how to do it correctly and safely.   But while aesthetics is important to you, I get it, [...]

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Respect the Tissues

Respect the Tissues As a bodyworker, our goal is to help the body have nice soft, supple, mobile tissues. You are trained to look for where the tissues are not moving and try to get them moving.  You look for knots or tension in the muscles and apply the techniques you know to get them to release that tension.   With this goal in mind, some people are taught to apply as much pressure as possible until the tissues release.  [...]

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