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THANKSGIVING ALL YEAR LONG?  Let’s make it a thing!

I love November because of Thanksgiving. What other holiday allows you to be grateful and enjoy a bunch of good food with hopefully some good family and friends around the table? Thanksgiving needs to be a holiday all year long.  No, not all the pigging out and eating till your stuffed part of it, but the gratitude part of it.  Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to shift your life experiences. If you are not enjoying your [...]

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have breast cancer in my family.  My mom had it for 30+ years and it eventually took her from us in 2016.  My sister was diagnosed in 2012.  (Yes I just had my mammogram done this year, so I’m staying on top of it! Thanks for your concern! :-))  The interesting piece to this is back in 2012 I had my first thermography done and you have to do a 90-day second picture for your baseline after your [...]

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Stress and Your Body, Breath, and Psoas Muscles

Let’s face it, caring for a newborn is stressful.   Raising children can be stressful too.  Ok, life, in general, can just be very stressful.  I feel the first two years of caring for a baby is the most stressful time.  You may disagree and say it all is, but I feel most moms are in survival mode for those first two years.  Then you usually add another baby to the mix and it’s another two years of stress. Since [...]

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Diastasis Recti, What’s Really Important?

I am so thrilled to see the explosion of information on Diastasis Recti (DR) on the internet. When I started working with postpartum women 11 years ago, there was a minuscule amount of material on the subject. While this swing in available information is great, I think it’s also making some people paranoid to move and not sure what to do!    So, what is really important when it comes to DR?   In this post, we’re going to take [...]

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2 Types of Squats for Birth

2 Types of Squats for Birth When I was pregnant for the first time 16 years ago I knew squatting was a good idea to help with the birth.  Yet I didn't know much about how to best squat for birth.  Years later having worked with pregnant and postpartum women, I've learned a lot I wish I knew back then.  But my births went well so what I did must have helped.  Let me share with you what you [...]

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Love is in the Air, Is it for you?

Can You Say "I Love Myself?"  Unfortunately not many people can.  Most women are really good at pouring the love out to others, partners, children, family and friends that when it comes to actually loving themselves, it's a hard thing to do. I think all of us are on a journey to learn to love ourselves more.  Here are three things that I feel have had the greatest impact in my ability to have greater love for myself.   [...]

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