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3 Myths About Your Post Baby Belly

3 Myths About Your Post Baby Belly     My Belly will never look the same again Yes, after having a baby your belly looks nothing like it’s original shape or texture, but it is possible to get it back.  In fact, some women have even better bellies after having babies.  It is possible when you know what to do and how to do it correctly and safely.   But while aesthetics is important to you, I get it, [...]

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Respect the Tissues

Respect the Tissues   As a bodyworker, our goal is to help the body have nice soft, supple, mobile tissues. You are trained to look for where the tissues are not moving and try to get them moving.  You look for knots or tension in the muscles and apply the techniques you know to get them to release that tension.   With this goal in mind, some people are taught to apply as much pressure as possible until the tissues [...]

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How do you deal with grief?

How do you deal with grief? Grief is the most difficult emotion to deal with.  It’s intense.  It’s overwhelming.  And there are all different kinds of grief, it doesn’t just have to be about the loss of life.  It could be a loss of a dream, a marriage, an idea of what you wanted for your birth. While my heart aches with a loss I just want to share my thoughts on grief.  Grief is such a tricky emotion.  [...]

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3 Most Common, But Not Normal, Issues After Birth

3 Most Common, But Not Normal, Issues After Birth After carrying and delivering a baby your body gets stretched to the brink.  Your abdominal tissues and your pelvis go through so much that there is no sense of normalcy left in your body after birth.   Not only does your body not feel the same, but you might also be dealing with some issues that make life a bit or a whole lot more challenging.  We will discuss three [...]

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Hugging and Humming Your Baby on Out

Hugging and Humming During Labor   When it comes to labor one of the most important yet confusing parts of how to let your baby out is the expulsion phase.  Most people think of having to “push” their baby out.  Yet there are a ton of different ideas on how to do it.   Let me share a few concepts of what is naturally happening and how you can best assist this process.  What you need to understand is your [...]

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Open Birthing Patterns in the Pelvis

Open Birthing Patterns in the Pelvis When a baby comes out vaginally, there are a lot of accommodations the tissues of the pelvis have to go through in order to accomplish this feat.  We know the muscles and vaginal tissues need to stretch to allow the baby through, but the pelvic bones also need to move. If you look at the picture below, you see all the different directions the bones of the pelvis need to move in order [...]

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