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How birth impacts the sacrum and what to do about it.

How Birth Impacts the Sacrum and What to Do About It As we all know, the bones of the pelvis move during vaginal birth. The ischial tuberosities splay laterally, and the sacrum and coccyx go into flexion to open up the pelvic outlet. In many cases, the bones of the pelvis don't return to their normal position. Instead, they can get stuck in this birthing position, which I call the "Open Birthing Pattern."  Let's explore how the Open Birthing [...]

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POSTPARTUM CASE STUDY: Graciously Active Mother of 4 

POSTPARTUM CASE STUDY: Graciously Active Mother of 4  Introduction: The client is a 37 old healthy active woman who worked part-time as a fitness instructor, ran marathons and half marathons prior to motherhood. I included her as a case study as she demonstrated the profound power of a single session of Institute for Birth-Healing techniques. I also felt that our history of working together multiple times over the last 5 years allowed an increased connection, trust and rapport that [...]

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How The Pelvic Floor Muscles Influence Birth

How The Pelvic Floor Muscles Influence Birth We all know the essential functions of the pelvic floor muscles include support, sphincteric, and stabilizing. But are you familiar with how the pelvic floor muscles influence birth? In my years of working with pregnant clients, I have seen the importance of the proper tone in the pelvic floor muscles for delivery, as these muscles allow the pelvic bones to expand for the baby's passage. We know the bones need to move [...]

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Motions of the Pelvis for Birth

Motions of the Pelvis for Birth As a practitioner working with pregnant clients, we need to understand the motions the pelvis goes through for a baby to be born vaginally. Understanding these pelvic motions helps us evaluate and ensure our client's body, mainly the pelvis, is ready for birth, and we can facilitate an appropriate opening for the baby's passage. Our focus is on increasing the diameter of the pelvic inlet to start the birth process and then increasing [...]

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1 Expert Technique for Healing Diastasis Recti to Improve Core Function

Promote better core function and get great results with this technique to help with healing diastasis recti Treatment techniques to aid in healing diastasis recti are essential for working with postpartum clients. Studies vary, but 24% – 39% of women experience diastasis recti six to twelve months after having a baby. Learning techniques specific to healing diastasis recti will help your postpartum clients improve core function quicker, heal faster, and prevent long-term damage to their abdominal tissues. I will [...]

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Connection of hip pain and bladder function in a postpartum woman

INTRODUCTION A 27-year-old woman presented with stress urinary incontinence, both hip pain (R>L), and right shoulder pain. Client is 7 weeks postpartum. Client had a quick birth within 30 min at home in January, 2022. Client was seen during her pregnancy from 37 weeks to 41 weeks. Client had a baby at 41 weeks. Client had 2 children prior to this birth. Client is an OB nurse and is on maternity leave at this time. Client is breast feeding [...]

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