Lynn Schulte | Doing Intravaginal Work

Show Notes:

In today’s episode, Lynn talks about the need for more pelvic floor practitioners to perform intravaginal assessments in a way that is respectful and pain free for clients. 

Today, you will be challenged with multiple questions as to why you are not performing intravaginal work with your client if you are licensed to do so, and if you are, is it respectful? Due to the shortage of pelvic floor therapists in most areas of the country, internal work is an essential part of our practice.

If you are interested in learning how to work internally and want to build your confidence with this work while ensuring that clients feel safe and respected during their treatments, check out the Internal Pelvic Floor Treatment course. There is a group cohort kicking off on March 4, 2024 that includes extra support from Lynn, including a Live Virtual Group Call where she will be answering your questions and doing a review of the techniques. To learn more, check out the Internal Pelvic Floor Treatment online course. Registration closes March 3, 2024.

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