Lynn Schulte | The Schulte Hold

Show Notes:

In today’s podcast Lynn introduces you to the Schulte Hold. This is the position of your non-internal hand while treating intravaginally. 

Lynn places her outside hand on the pelvic bones to decrease the amount of force through the pelvic floor muscles internally which allows for a respectful and less painful internal experience for the client. The outside hand uses the bones to address the pelvic floor muscles. Listen to today‚Äôs podcast to learn more about the Schulte Hold for intravaginal work. 

If you are interested in learning the Schulte Hold and Lynn’s intravaginal approach to treating the pelvic floor muscles and doing internal work, please check out the Internal Pelvic Floor Treatment course. A cohort for this online course will be starting March 4, 2024, and registration is open through March 3, 2024!

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