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Show Notes:

In today’s podcast, I talk with Justine Calderwood, a Physical Therapist, an IBH Certified Birth Healing Specialist and the owner of The Healing Spot in Colorado Springs, CO about her practice. I specifically wanted to know how she is incorporating the advanced techniques she learned through IBH to help her clients and what she has discovered in doing this work. Below is an overview of the client we discussed and the treatment Justine used to help her client.

History of the Client:
The client is 32 weeks pregnant at the time with her first child. She initially started care with right sided pain. Upon assessment she had fascial and joint restrictions along the right side of her trunk and into her hips. These issues were resolving with standard treatment of joint, uterine mobility as well as myofascial release. Then the client arrived with a flare in symptoms.

Assessment and Treatment:
Upon assessment the symptoms were not just physical in nature. The client was dealing with a lack of support at her job which required a 2 week out of town trip during the final stages of her pregnancy. The client used the work stuck when referring to her pain and her situation. As she was guided through this “stuckness” with open ended questions and compassion the client’s tissues began to release. This open dialoguing guided the client to see that her pain was related to what was happening in her life in a broad sense and gave her a non-judgmental space to begin to process her own desires and plans.

Client Outcome:
The client was 75% better post session by addressing the whole being and not just the spot of the pain.

The Birth Healing Intensive, launching in February 2024 will help you learn more about how to work with non-physical symptoms. If you are interested in finding out more about treating the bones of the pelvis check out Treating the Postpartum Pelvis.

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