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Please STOP!

Stop what? – you might be asking.

In today’s podcast I share some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years and it includes Stop doing this!  

In today’s podcast, Lynn shares one of her most valued lessons: Always respect the tissues and never force a release as it can cause more harm than good.  A client came into the clinic and was in pain after receiving work from another bodyworker. Lynn shares what the body’s wisdom can tell you, so you can avoid making this same mistake.

As bodyworkers and PTs, many of us are taught to force techniques. When a joint does not move, we mobilize it to regain motion. Yet, when the tissues do not give in then we can end up fighting the body to force a release which can create or worsen pain. Lynn invites us to think about being curious with the pain and why it is there? Why will the tissue not release? 

Pain is a signal and has a job. What is its job? Be curious. Find out and understand what the pain is trying to tell you in your client’s body. It might be trying to protect or create a sense of security for your client. 

Clients need to feel safe and secure in the world to be able to relax and tissues need a relaxed body to release. As a reminder, check for the open birthing pattern with complaints of vaginismus to decrease muscle tension. Listen to the body, be curious and Respect the Tissues! to be the best bodyworker you can be. 

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